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This page has been set up to showcase the items I am  presently auctioning on eBay.  Please check my auctions and bid (frequently and excessively) on those pieces you like.  If you are a frequent viewer of my site you may notice items on eBay you've seen on the site.  In most cases the reserve price for the auction is less than our asking price in the store.  I will also use this page to announce future auctions and the approximate date the item will go for bid.  Please feel free to email me with a request that we place an item on eBay for auction.  We will do our best to honor your request depending on how long we have had the item.

Currently we have no items for auction.  Shortly we will be offering the following:

                Limbert Gateleg Table No.  1145               L&JG Stickley Settle

Current Auctions
 Stickley Brothers Desk No. 2562

Great Stickley Brothers desk with original metal tag on the underside of the shelf.  The back 3" of the top had been cut off and an inch piece replaced so the top is 28" wide or approximately 2" narrower than the catalog size.  Top is 44" wide and the desk stands 30" high.  Drawer glides and knobs are all original as is the finish.  There are some ink stains on the top as shown to the left.

Inventory No: A-354

Desk is presently being auctioned on eBay.
eBay Item No 1418045702

Life-Time Single Door Bookcase

Unfortunately the label has been lost but this is unmistakably a piece by Life-Time Furniture by the Grand Rapids Bookcase and Chair Co. in the Cloister Style.  It measures 32-1/2" wide, 53" tall and 12" deep (outside dimension),  It is identical to the model 7630 shown on the right although this one has the mullions across the top of the door.  It retains its original hardware but the glass in the door is new.

Click on the image to the right to see additional photos of this bookcase.
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Inventory No. A 426

Presently Being Auctioned on eBay.
eBay Item #1418053107


English Arts & Crafts Dresser

This is an authentic piece of English Arts & Crafts furniture.  I personally imported this piece late last year.  It is a magnificant piece of bedroom furniture.  The copper hardware has been cleaned but the green glass apperas to be original.  It was at some time professionally refinished, but not over done.  As you will see in some of the photos there are a few cigarett burns in the top on the right and one burn mark from a candle that was placed too close to the overhang.  It does come apart for shipping; the top portion lifts off and I do have the key.  4 drawers, 3 storage compartments and a plate grove on the top for large plates or platers that lean on the wall.

Click here:  A384  for additional photos.

Inventory No. A384

Presently being auctioned on eBay.
eBay Item # 1417838495

 Limbert Settle

Limbert settle in very good condition but not in original condition.  No loose joints, pegged joints, front legs mortised through the arms and pegged.  The wood frame has been given a light overcoat of shellac but I do not believe it was ever completely stripped or refinished.  The seat frame appears to be the original frame but the cushion has been recovered in a dark chocolate brown vinyl.  Signed under the arm with the Limbert stamp.

For additional photos, including the makers mark click here:  A426

Inventory No. A426

Presently being auctioned on eBay. Follow this link.

Early L&JG Stickley Morris Chair - Onondaga Shop

Very nice chair in original finish, cleaned and waxed.  The support for the seat is a fully caned seat.  There are four (4) slats under each arm and a two position bar across the back.  I believe the bar is original.  The cushions are new, in a very nice medium brown "warty" leather.

The chair is tight, all four stretchers that support the seat are double pegged.  The back is supported by four horizontal slats, but only the top slat is pegged to the uprights.  Legs are not mortised through the arms.  Unmarked.

Inventory No. A302

Presently being auctioned on eBay.  Please follow this link:

 Keyed Book Stand

Each shelf on this book stand is 16-1/4" wide with 11" between each shelf.  The total width including the keyed tenons is 20".  It varies in depth from 12" at the bottom to 10" at the top (2" taper from bottom to top).  Total height is 42'.  This can be disassembled for shipping.

 Inventory No. A396

Presently being auctioned on eBay.  Please follow this link:

If you are not a registered ebay user, click on the ebay logo to the leftg and register today to bid on our pieces.  Remember, they are going, going, and may soon be gone.


If you would like to discuss any of the items we are auctioning, or planning to auction, please call us at:
610-814-3065 or toll free at 866-MISSION (647-7466).

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