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Small Open Shelf Bookcase

This is a smaller version of the taller cases below.  It is 33-1/4" high, 12" deep and 30" wide.  The space between the shelves is 12-1/4".  It is all solid quartersawn white oak stained to match Stickley's Centennial stain.

$850.00  (2011 Price)


Open Shelf Bookcase.

Each book case is 43" wide by 15" deep and 65" tall.  The wood is quartersawn white oak with a clear finish. All of the structural joints are mortise and tenon and pegged with walnut pegs.  The space between the shelves range from 18" on the bottom to 12" at the top.  At 6 shelves on each of the 3 cases there is over 60 linear feet of shelving.

$1,875.00 each (2011 price)  Discounts available for more than one.  Same price for book cases with a 1/4" plywood back.



The three bookcase were made as a set.  The unit to the right is 4" high by 3' wide.  The center unit is 5' high and 2' wide across the sides facing the wall and 1' wide on the ends facing the two units against the wall.  The unit to the right is 4' high and 5' wide. The two side units are both 1' deep.  Each unit has 6 slats, arched aprons on the front,  back and ends.  Notice the double pegged tenons on the top of the corner unit.  All structural joints are made in this manner. 

These units were made to the customer's specifications.  Call us at 866-MISSION with your dimensions for a quote. 

$8,350.00 (2011 price)

5' High Center Section:  $3,050 
4' High by 5' Long Section:  $2,650
4' High by 3' Long Section:  $2,050

6'x6' Bookcase

This bookcase was built in sections and assembled once in the house.  It had to go up a narrow staircase to a second floor office space.  The top, sides and center piece, bottom and two back panels were taken up separately and assembled in the room. 

Once assembled the shelves were installed.  The shelves are completely adjustable over the entire height and can be installed in any configuration. 

Everything is solid quartersawn oak with the exception of the back panels which are 1/2" oak faced plywood. 

It is also possible to ship the bookcase unassembled and put together by the buyer.  We can provide the components for any size bookcase with or without the plywood back panel (to reduce shipping costs).  If supplied without the back panels we will provide enough stain for the buyer to finish their own panels.  Exact sizes for the panels will be provided at the time it is shipped.

$1,850.00 with back panel  (2011 price)
$1,750.00 without back panel

Showroom: 610-797-8640 or toll free at 866-MISSION

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