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Restoration In Progress  -  February 2009

I have 2 pieces in the shop as of 9/16/18 that I am restoring and will be for sale within the next 2 weeks. 

J M Young Morris Chair # 284


  This is a J M Young Morris chair made between 1920 and 1926.  After 1926 the label was changed to read J M Young's Sons.

Once finished it will be taken to the Slatington Marketplace for sale.



Morris Chair with a light overcoat of fresh shellac.

This is a small server by Lifetime furniture.  The round pulls are not original and will be replaced with pulls more appropriate to the era.  I didn't find it in any of my reprint catalogues so I don't have a model number, but the Lifetime label is in the drawer.

This piece will be cleaned have its color restored, hopefully some of that dark stain removed and given a new coat of shellac.  Good as new.

  This sever has now been moved to the Slatington Marketplace for sale.

Spent some time cleaning the server.  The top and shelf had some bad staining from ink or other bad things so they had to be sanded to remove most of the crime and dirt that had penetrated the surface.

I've now refinished the top and the shelf, added some color and a light overcoat of clear shellac and wax to the legs, sides, and the drawer.  See the photos below:



The server is 29" wide and 17' DEEP.  The height is 32" and the inside depth of the drawer is 2.5".  The backsplash is 1.5" high and 28" wide.

The drawer pulls are not original, they came from a Stickley Brothers sideboard.

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