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Prairie Style Furniture
Recent additions to our line of custom furniture are several pieces in the Prairie Style popularized by Frank Lloyd Wright.  Below is a limited listing of items made in our shop.  Please feel free to call us about other pieces of interest.

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Twin Size:                 $3,330.00  All prices as of 2012
Queen Size:             $4,025.00
King Size:                $4,445.00
California King:       $4,660.00

This pair of twin beds was designed by Stu K. for his guest room for when his grandchildren visit.  Note the 12" wide slat in the middle compared to the narrower 6" slat in the king size bed to the right.

Prairie Style Bed

Shown to the left is just the footboard for a Prairie style bed in solid quartersawn white oak.  This was made as part of a king size bed and stands 36" high.  Accompanying headboards are made to any height, customarily about 60" to 66" high.  All king size beds come with 2 outer rails and a center rail with a "fifth" leg.  The post legs are 3-3/4" square and quadralinear post construction (all four faces are quartersawn oak with a lock-miter joint) with a solid core.  The stretchers between the legs are joined to the leg with mortise and tenon joint with a 2" long by 3" wide tenon and two 3/8" diameter pegs

The photo below is was taken in the shop of a similar bed for another customer.

Prairie Style Chair  #PSC1

Reminiscent of the Frank Lloyd Wright style spindle chair, this chair has one large slat down the entire back flanked by three half inch square spindles on each side.  Neither the spindles nor the slat are attached to the chair frame at the seat level so they are free to flex and bend as you lean back.  This results in a more comfortable back rest than found in most chairs.

48" tall, 18" seat height, seat is 17-1/2 wide by 18-1/2" deep. Dimensions may be adjusted to fit your individual taste, including the degree to which the back is angled.

$860.00  2012 Price

Also available in an arm chair.

Chairs come with seat cushions covered in twill, or we will cover in your fabric for $15 per chair.  Leather seats are also available at an additional cost of $40 per chair plus the cost of the leather.

Discounts are available on orders of 6 or more chairs or when ordered with a matching table.

  This is basically the same chair as above but with a lighter finish and leather.  See details of the pegged joint to the right.

   The crest rail is pegged from the back so these show when the chair is sitting at the table.  Below you can see the pegged mortise and tenon joints on the side of the chair.

  As you can see this chair has a bit more angle to the back compared to either the chair above or below.


Prairie Style Chair  #PSC2

This is a similar chair to the PSC1 except in the decorative banding around the bottom of the legs.  It is scaled to match the size and form of the chair and is seen on the Dining Table in a larger form.  Also, the banding of the chair is stained darker than the rest of the chair, whereas on the Dining Table it is the same color as the table.

Same dimensions as PSC1.  Does not come in an arm chair.

$975.00  2012 Price

Chairs come with seat cushions covered in twill, or we will cover in your fabric for $15 per chair.  Leather seats are also available at an additional cost of $40 per chair plus the cost of the leather.

Detail of splined top.

Prairie Style Dining Table

This table was designed as a drop leaf table so that it can be stored against a wall and used as a console table when not needed for dining.  Open it is 42" wide by 60" long.  The legs are 3" square quadralinear post construction with a solid core.  The top is solid quartersawn white oak (no plywood cores or veneers) just over 1-1/8" thick. With the leaf  dropped it is 21" wide.  Table seats 4 comfortably, six if you are real good friends.   $2,900.00  2011 Price

This table is also available with a wider base and a solid 42" wide top and 4" square legs. 

72" length to seat 6:  $4,150.00
84" length to seat 8:  $4,675.00
120" length to seat 10:  $5,000.00

2012 prices

Discounts are available when ordered with a set of 6 or more matching chairs.

Shown above is a 72" by 42" table with three of the six chairs.

Prairie Style Extension Table

Similar in size to the table above, this version opens in the middle to take one or two 18" wide leaves.  The slides are 'equalizer slides" so the top is always centered on the base.

2021 price:  $5,250.00 

Shown above without the leaves. 

This table is marked with out 1/2" mother of pearl as one of our 'Signature Piece"

Table with 4 matching chairs.

In the photos above and below the right side of the table appears to 'sag' due to the unevenness of the cement it is sitting on.

With the leaves the table is 9 feet long and will seat 8 to 10 people.

Prairie Style Desk with center bridge with alternating slats and spindles.  Top is 72" long by 42" wide and 1-1/16" thick.

Two views of the end of the desk.

Close up showing detail of the alternation slats and spindles in the center bridge.  This desk can also be built with the bridge extending across between the back legs rather than along the centerline.


Prairie Style Desk  This desk was made as a companion piece for the chair, end table, computer table and slant arm morris chair also shown on this page.

All desks are 30" high unless otherwise noted.

As shown in the 72" by 42" size:   $4,950.00  2021 price

   Detail of leg with dark banding and "foot".

Front view with top removed.  Above from the front and below showing the figure "8's" for attaching the top to the base.


Prairie Style Sideboard

This sideboard was designed as a complimentry piece to the table and chairs I made a few years ago.  Note that the "slat and spindle" design on the ends of the sideboard and on the two outer doors matches the slat and spindles in the side chairs.  The drawer and door pulls are in the Macintosh style and go very nicely with the Prairie style design of the sideboard.

The sideboard is 66" wide, 42" high and 19" deep. 

$5,750.00  2021 Price.

Prairie Style Desk #2

This desk was ordered as a special commission for a client in Sarasota, Florida.  It was constructed in three parts, the left and right sections being mirror images of each other and a center section.  Each section has its own top and it was shipped unassembled.  Assembly consists of putting in 12 screws and four connector bolts.  While one person can accomplish the assembly it does take at least two people to move the sections into position.

The back side of the desk is a little over 8 feet across.  The center section is 51" long and 24" wide.  Each end piece is 5' 3" long and 24" wide.  There are four file size drawers and four pencil drawers, each about 3-1/2" high , 20" wide and 17" deep.

The top is 1-1/8' thick with 1/8" splines connecting the individual boards.

Everything is made from quartersawn white oak (with the exception of the drawer bottoms) with a clear finish.

As shown this desk is priced at $8,950. (2021)  Other sizes available.  Call me at 866-MISSION for prices and shipping information.

Prairie Style Credenza   (coming soon)

Two, three and four door credenzas, both with and without drawers above the doors are being designed.  They will have end details using the same alternating slat and spindle design with a solid panel end recessed about 2" behind the slats and spindles.

Prices will range from $3,175 for a two door without drawers (approximately 36" long by 21" deep and 27" high)  to $5,275 for a four door with drawers (approximately 72" long by 21" deep and 29" high).

                                Without Drawers                       With one Drawer per Door

Two Door                  $3,175.00                                    $3,565.00

Three Door                 $3,825.00                                    $4,420.00

Four Door                   $4,490.00                                   $5,275.00

All doors and drawers 12" wide.  Add 8% for 15" wide doors and drawers.

2012 Prices.

Prairie Style Settle

This settle was commissioned by a customer who wanted a matching three seat settle for an existing two seat piece.  A three seat settle from the company that made the two seat piece (Michael's) was no longer available.  Using the two seat settle as a guide we made this piece as an exact replica except that ours has three 24" wide cushions.  The leather covering the cushions is also an exact match.

New three seat settle.

Existing two seat settle by Michael's.

Material of construction is 100% quartersawn white oak.  Arms are made from a single 7" wide board (not glued up 1" to 2" strips like the original). 
Structural joints are all pegged  mortise and tenon joints.  All spindles are 3/4" square with 3/4" space.  Quadralinear post legs (all four sides quartersawn, no flat sawn faces or joints) 2-1/4" square.

Three seat settle:
The three seat settle comes with three (3) wood frame seat cushions, three (3) tapered back cushions and two (2) arm pillow style cushions.

With leather cushions as shown:  $5,500.00  2012 Price  (add $225 for dark chocolate brown leather)

With fabric covered cushions (customer supplies fabric):  $4,375.00  2012 Price

Centennial Stain, Single Seat Cushion

Two seat settle (Loveseat):
The two seat settle comes with two (2) wood frame seat cushions, two (2) tapered back cushions and two (2) arm pillow style cushions.  Quadralinear post legs.

Two seat version in leather:  $4,500.00 (add $175 for dark chocolate brown leather)

Two seat version in your fabric:  $3,375.00  2012 Prices

The chair comes with one (1) frame seat cushions, one (1) tapered back cushions and two (2) arm pillow style cushions.  Quadralinear post legs.

In leather - $3,075.00 (add $125 for dark chocolate brown leather); in your fabric - $2,700.00 2012 Prices

All photos above are of the new settle.

Call us at 866-MISSION for special pricing on two or more pieces.

A complete set including a three seat settle, a loveseat and 2 arm chairs in leather:  $13,975.00 (add $475 for dark chocolate brown leather).  In your fabric - $11,250.00. 

Below is a Prairie Style Sectional sofa.  It disassembles into two sections for easy shipping.  This particular sofa was made in my shop near Allentown, PA and shipped to Knoxville, TN.  All of the fabric is from Archieve Edition.


Prairie Style Computer Desk

This desk is 38" wide by 24" deep and 30" high.  It is a companion piece to the chair PSC2 and has the darkened banding around the legs.  The pull out keyboard tray is over 30" wide, wide enough for a keyboard and a mouse pad, and runs the full depth of the desk.

Other sizes available.  Call for pricing: 866-MISSION

As shown:  $1,350.00  2012 Price.

Prairie Style Slant Arm Morris Chair

This is a large morris chair with a three position bar.  At the time this photo was taken the pegs for the back rest were not finished nor was the seat in place (bet ya had a hard time figuring that one out).  The seat rests on two cleats, one attached to the front seat rail and one to the back seat rail.  The cleats are screwed in and can be moved to any one of three positions. 
Thus if the seat is too high or too low it can be lowered or raised to fit the owner.  In fact if you prefer a seat that tips back a bit the front cleat can be positioned higher than the rear cleat.

The bar across the back fits over the pegs embedded in the rear of the arm.  It is shown over the center peg. 

The front and back seat rails are mortised through the legs as is the upper side stretcher just under the arm.  Both the front and rear legs are mortised through the arms.  All mortised joints are pegged except in the back rest where only the top and bottom horizontal pieces are pegged to the uprights.  All five horizontal pieces are mortised.

As shown, with spring seat cushions covered in leather:  $4,750.00 plus the cost of the leather.  2012 Price


Prairie Style End Table with Tiffany style glass insert.

This table is 24" square by 24" high with a single shelf and dark banding around the legs.  The glass inset is by Quoizel.  $1,600.00 2012 Price.

Other sizes are available.  Call for pricing:  866-MISSION

866-MISSION (647-7466)
No sales tax on orders delivered outside Pennsylvania.

610-797-8640 or toll free at 866-647-7466 (866-MISSION)
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