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We are continually updating our stock, so check back frequently for new items.

Our knowledge in Gustav Stickley, Limbert, L&JG Stickley, Harden and many more of the best furniture makers guarantees that you will only find the best here.

When working with antiques, we strive to restore them to their original state while maintaining as much of the original finish as possible.

Having an antique, brings you back to a place where life was simple without the stresses of today.
Make sure you check back to see any new pieces we've added!

If you want to see some of the pieces in person antique pieces are located at the
  Slatington Marketplace at 8281 Rt 873 in Slatington, PA

If you wish to purchase anything you see here or in my space in Slatington please call me at 610-428-2930.  I can process any credit card or debit card directly over the phone.  Cash or check payments can be made at the Front Desk.

Harris Lebus Mahogany Sideboard

Inventory No: A1075  $1,150.00


Another great piece for your consideration. This is a mahogany sideboard, I believe it to be of European origin from the late 1800's. It is in a style of which I'm not an expert. It is 56" wide, 22" deep and 67" high. The mirror top section comes off for ease of moving. Asking 1,150. It is in original condition, including the original hardware. There are minor flaws, chips and dings but fewer than would be expected in a piece 100 years of more old. This is located in Allentown, PA and available for inspection by appointment only. Call me at 610-428-2930 with questions or to see. Wynn Phillips, Owner, Strictly Mission.

Based on a few comments I received on an earlier posting about this sideboard and some further research I came to the realization that the strap hinges are identical to those on a piece I had a couple of years ago. I initially listed that piece as Liberty and Company of London, England. I was corrected in that that piece was by Harris Lebus, also of London, England. I did some further searching through Google Images and have concluded that this sideboard is also by Harris Lebus.   

Gustav Stickley #814 Sideboard
Inventory No: A1076  $1,100 as is
$2,700 restored (coming soon)

This model of the #814 is 66" wide, 22"deep and 38" high to the top of the cabinet.  The plate rack adds an additional 11".
The top is tounge and grove construction.  Obviously the doors and the hardware on them is missing.  And there is some loose veneer on the ends, but little if any is missing.  It can be reglued.  T
he top needs to be cleaned and rewaxed.  Remainder of the piece has original finish.




The three photos are the top of the sideboard with some overlap.  The photo on the bottom right is the Gus mark on one of the drawer bottoms.  Cleaning the drawers this was under a paper liner in the drawer.

Larkin Double Door Bookcase
Inventory # A1066:  $950.00
Click on this link for a history of the Larkin Company

This Larkin bookcase (signed on the back) is 48" wide, 61" tall and 12-1/2" deep.
There are two latches on the inside of the left hand door (top and bottom).  The right hand door has a key lock.  The lock is in the locked position but due to shrinkage it does not catch.  Unfortunately I do not have the key.

The glass appears to be the original wavy glass.  There is no evidence that it was ever stripped and refinished but it has had a more modern over coat.



The bookcase is available for inspection at the Slatington Marketplace in Slatington, PA, about 14 miles north of Allentown.

Look for this bookcase and other pieces listed on this page in space A-19. 

Barrister Bookcase
4 sections plus top and base.

Inventory No A1079: $750.00

This is a four section barrister bookcase with a base and top. Each section is 15" high by 11.5" deep and 34.5" wide. The base is 8" high and the top is 3" high. The overall height is 70.5". The interior depth is 10". The material is flat sawn oak. It has been refinished which resulted in the labels being stripped off except on the base. That label states that it is Globe Wernikie.

This bookcase is available for inspection and purchase at the Slatington Marketplace in Slatington, PA, space A19.

Drop Front Desk

Inventory #A1058  $275.00
This desk is in very good, if not excellent condition.  No loose joints.  Appears to be all original with original finish.  It is missing it's key.  I did find a key that would lock the locks but it would not unlock them, but neither would they stay locked.  I've not had the time yet to see if them can be made to work.

The overall height is 39-1/4" and it is 34-1/2" wide.  The desk surface is 28" high, 30-7/8" wide and 21" deep to the front of the cubbies. The top shelf is 5-1/4" deep. 
The drawer is not dovetailed.  It is 30" wide, 11" deep and 3-1/4" inside height.  The drawer front is 4" high.


Ryan Furniture Co 8 Pc Dining Room Set
Inventory No:  A1078, $1500.00

Set consists of a 54" diameter table, 6 chairs and a 66" wide sideboard.

The table will seat 7 people without leaves, 10 people with 3 11" wide leaves.  Add $500 for 3 matching leaves.



This is a split base table.  That means as the table is opened to put in the leaves, the base splits open and spreads apart to keeps the table stable rather than tetter on the base.  The table is 28-1/2" high but has inserts on the bottom of the legs for wheels that would raise the top to 30".

The photo below shows the interior of the base with the mechanism that holds the base tightly together when closed.  Shown in the open position.

The two photos below show the mechanism on the top of the base that is grabbed by a hook on the underside or the top that allows the base to be pulled open as the top is opened.



There are 6 chairs.  They are 37-1/4" tall.  The seats are 19" high, 17" across the front and 14" wide at the rear, the seats are 15-1/2" deep.

Harden Arm Chair

Inventory # A-1057

This chair has it's original spring seat with all new padding and leather covering. The back legs are 37-1/4" tall. It is 22-1/2" front to back at the arm, and the arm height is 25". The arms are 4" wide, and the chair is 28-1/2" wide across the outside of the arms. The slats in the back are 2-1/4" wide and 3/8" thick. The seat is 21" wide in the front and 19" at the back. It is 20" deep. The front legs are 2-1/4" square and the back legs are 1-1/2" by 1-1/4" at the top, a little bigger at the bottom.

It is not completely original.  This chair was damaged in a fire and the four pieces had to be replaced.  These included the back leg on the left (as looking at the chair from in front of it;  1st photo), the left arm, the top back rail and the first slat on the left.

While some of the photos may not show it the best description of the color is Stickley Onondaga.



54" Diameter Oak Dining Table
Inventory No. A-1040:  $850.00

Because of the flash used for these photos the table came out redder than it really is.  It is actually close to Stickley's craftsman in color.  Also, the shine on the top is due to a florescent light right over the table.


Backboard for a Stickley Brothers Sideboard #8804

This is the back piece from a Stickley Brother's Sideboard #8804.  It has it's original finish but has a few nicks in the top front edge on the right side.  Follow this LINK to see more photos and details.

  For additional information and photos of the Wardrobe:  Click HERE!

Need something Shipped?

We will gladly arrange shipping for any item.  Small pieces that can be shipped via US Postal Service or UPS and will be shipped at buyer's expense.  Retail merchandise such as, lighting, clocks, etc., will be replaced at no charge to the customer if damaged during shipping if buyer agrees to the cost of insurance.  A restocking fee of 10% to 20% will be assessed for items returned for other reasons.  We accept payment in the form of cash, check, money order, Visa, Master Card, Discover and Pay Pal.

Larger items can be shipped via common carrier at buyer's expense.  However, Strictly Mission will deliver larger items within 100 miles of Allentown, PA for a nominal delivery fee of $1.75 per mile one way plus tolls.  Roughly $80 to $100 to Philly and $160 to $190 (plus tolls) to New York City and $400 to the metropolitan Washington DC area, a little more to Pittsburgh..  Arrangements must be made at the time of purchase.

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