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This page is reserved for items that don't easily fit into any of the categories on the rest of our web site.  Keep watching for new items all the time.  You will find non- furniture items on our Accessories Page , mostly pottery and metal work items.


Glasgow Rose Stained Glass

CJM20  $600

This is an older piece of stained glass with good color and intact.  The oak frame is new.  The stained glass is 19-3/8" high and  8-3/4" wide.  The frame is 22-3/4" tall by 12-15/16" wide.

Guy Lombardo 
Original Art work By Bill Nelson for RCA Record Cover. 

Frame: 14 1/2"(W) 21"(H) 
Image: 5-1/4" by 11-7/8" (inside mat).   Grandson not for sale!  His parents, on the other hand, are .....

$1,200.00    oops, missing photo!

Call us at 610-797-8640 or TOLL FREE at 866-647-7466 (866-MISSION)

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