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is a distributor for the Mica Lamp Company. To simplify viewing we have grouped the entire collection into seveal categories.  When you click on a category you will be able to view all of the lamps in that category along with a description and the manufactures suggested retail price.  Pricing include shipping1 but not sales tax which is applicable to Pennsylvania and California residents only.

Our prices are generally 10% to 15% lower than the MSRP.

For our current prices please call 866-647-7466 (866-MIS-SION) toll free or email Wynn@strictlymission.com.  If you are interested in pricing only let me know and I can email a price list to you usually within 24 hours.  For pricing on a particular lamp call today.

Our prices are among the lowest anywhere in the counrty.  We invite you to contact us for additional discounts when considering puchases of two or more lights.  For commercial clients email us with a list of model numbers and quantities for quotes.

Store Hours
Wednesday - Saturday 10:00 to 5:30
Sunday 11:00 to 4:00

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Available in either White Oak or Cherry


#050 Small Bungalow Table Lamp 
H - 20"; D - 17"; 3 sockets x 60 watt
Small Bungalow shown on right in photo to the left.
Lamp on left has been discontinued.

#050O - White Oak base


Sale Price: $910.00

(Free shipping to contiguous 48 states)
List Price: $1,100.00


#041 Pasadena (White Oak base, Dark Copper only) 
H - 23"; D - 14" 
2 sockets x 60 watt
Sale Price: $810.00

(Free shipping to contiguous 48 states)
List Price: $990.00

#040 Library Lamp (White Oak base; Dark Copper only) H - 20"; D - 24" 

Style by Charles Limbert c. 1910, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Sale Price: $1,285.00

(Free shipping to contiguous 48 states)
List Price: $1,570.00


610-797-8640 or toll free to 866-647-7466 (866-MISSION)

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