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Marshall Units

Many of the chairs we sell come to us with either no cushion, especially back cushions.  For some of these we will make a foam cushions but others deserve a cushion moe in keeping with the style cushion that would have originally come with the chair.  In those cases where the cushion is supported with either cleats or corner blocks we will make a new wood frame cushion, web the frame and attach coil springs to the webbing.  These are then covered in burlap, padded with several inches of cotton and finally a fabric such as twill or muslin.  The cushion can then be covered in upholstery fabric of the buyers choice

However, when the style of the chair calls for an inner coil spring cushion, which was the case in many of the chairs made by Limbert and Stickley Brothers, we use what is called a Marshall Unit.  Marshall units are made up of 3" to 5" tall coil springs individually wrapped in fabric and sewen together.  Typically they come already sewn together in arrays of 6 by 7 to 7 by 10.  They can be cut apart for smaller sizes or sewn together for larger cushions such as settles.  The photo below shows a 6 by 7 unit.

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