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 Period Style Lighting

We sell a variety of different Manufactures, and if you see a different style make sure you call us, so we can give you a price

Please note that some of the manufactures require us to put a standard retail price, but it just might be on sale for our customers!
So make sure you call us, so we can tell you if it is


Turn-of-the-century American Lighting design and craftsmanship is available today from the Mica Lamp Co. We follow the same formula as the original craftsman. All of our parts are made of solid copper, assembled with hand driven copper rivets and finished with a rich natural patina.

Our Mica shade panels are the same natural materials used by the Arts and Crafts master lamp makers. Mineral mica flakes, combined with organic shellac, make each mica shade unique with its variations of mineral deposit patterns and color tones.
 The famous San Francisco coppersmith Dirk Van Erp, was the first to make these copper lamps in 1910.

Kessler Logo    Ashler

  Franz- GT Kessler Designs is guided by our mission to build lamps
 that are built with the finest wood and other materials.
They are classic and original designs that are crafted to last a lifetime.
Lamps are Mission, Arts & Crafts, and Contemporary Designs.

Frank Lloyd Wright


  A new supplier has been selected by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.

We are now able to accept orders for the Taliesin 2 Floor Lamp and the Taliesin 3 Table Lamps for delivery in 1 to 2 weeks.  The Taliesin 1 Table Lamp and the Robie 1 Wall Sconce are also available.

Click on the image of the Taliesin 3 Table Lamp to the right for details.

Call Wynn at 610-428-2930 for updates.

The principle of Frank Lloyd Wright's "Organic Architecture" was to design buildings where all the parts were integral to the structure and to the building’s very "nature". Embracing old craft and new technology.

The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation has been offering reproductions of Wright' s decorative designs through its licensees since 1985. After many successful endeavors, there was a strong desire to offer the public lamps that had been designed for prominent residences designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Each of these light fixtures had been crafted as an integral part of its building, using glass, wood, metals, and methods "challenging" to the requirements of large scale production.

Click here or on the lamp to the right for our current offerings.

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