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Books & Catalogue Reprints
L & JG Stickley and Stickley Brothers

We carry numerous books relating to Arts & Crafts and Mission style furniture and reprints of several old catalogues. 

Free Shipping on order over $75.00 via UPS. 
Orders under $75.00 will be shipped via USPS at book rate unless otherwise requested, add 10% for  handling, packaging, insurance and shipping.
  Min. $6.00 Shipping and Handling    


Modern Craft Styles by Chas Stickley

The first comphresensive book of furnishing by Charles Sticley of the Stickley & Brandt Company. The book contains a 10 page history of the Stickley & Brandt Company and 150 pages of illustrations of the furniture produced by this company at their factory in Binghamton, NY.

Inventory No: P-11 


Innovation and Derivation:
The Contribution of L & JG Stickley to the Arts and crafts Movement

This book details the history of the L&JG Stickley Company, the evolution of their furniture and how this evolution was affected by the people in the company and how the company impacted its competitors. 119 plus pages of history with accompanying photos from various collections.

Inventory No: P-9





The Mission Furniture of L & JG Stickley

7-1/4" by 10-1/4" paperback book covering the "Onondaga Shop" (1902 to 1906), the "Handcraft Furniture" (1906 to 1912) and "The Work of L & JG Stickley" after 1912.  Over 200 pages of sketches with an average of 4 to 6 items per page. 

$20.00 plus shipping 

Early L & JG Stickley Furniture

paperback 6-1/2" by 9" with 260 illustrations covering the Onondaga Shop and Handcraft Furniture.  Mostly sketches but a few photographs.  Not as comprehensive as the book above. 

$9.95 plus shipping. 

Quaint Furniture

A small but nicely published paperback book measuring 5-1/2" by 8".  Easily carried to auctions for verification authenticity.  Watch for Stickley Brothers metal tags that have been attached to non-stickley furniture.  77 pages with photos along with model numbers and descriptions. 

$7.95 plus shipping 

Quaint Furniture- Stickley Brothers

7" by 10" paperback book with just under 100 pages featuring sketches with an additional 38 pages of metal work including lighting.  This is the only Stickley brothers reprint to include metal work. 

$16.50 plus shipping. 

1912 Quaint furniture, Grand Rapids Mich.

Larger that most other reprints, this paperback catalog measures 9" by 12" and contains over 75 pages of photos and is essential a reprint of Catalog #38 dated Jan 1, 1912.  Following the photos is a listing by model number of all the pieces in the catalog, the page the piece can be found on, and the list price in 1912, dimensions and other descriptive information. 

$23.50 plus shipping. 

Quaint Furniture, Catalog No. 42.

Similar in size to the catalog above this is a reprint of the Catalog No. 42 published January 1, 1914.  It is little more comprehensive that the above in that it includes a number of pieces with the Barley Twist leg design.  This catalog also includes a section cross referencing the item numbers to where they can be found in the catalog along with original prices and descriptions. 

$25.00 plus shipping 

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