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Books & Catalogue Reprints
Gustav Stickley

We carry numerous books relating to Arts & Crafts and Mission style furniture and reprints of several old catalogues. 

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The books listed ion this page contain general information on Arts & Crafts and Mission style furniture. 

Craftsman Fabrics and Needlework

First released in 1995, this is a 97 page reprint of an obscure catalog first printed by Gustav Stickley.  The book includes photos (all in black and white) and descriptions of canvases, velours, linens, napkins, rugs and numerous designs used on these fabrics for pillows, curtains and other products.  There is also an additional 29 pages of selected pieces of Gustav Stickley furniture, lighting, and metalware.  There is also a page showing a wide variety of pulls used on his furniture.



Gustav Stickley's Craftsman Farms

Paper back, approx. 8" by 10".  A must read for anyone contemplating a visit to Gustav's home in Morris Plains, NJ. 

72 pages of pictures and text describing the history of Craftsman Farms and it famous owner. 


Gustav Stickley -- His Craft
Paper back, 8-1/2" by 11" 

Lots of good photos and descriptions of many pieces of Gustav's furniture.  A really good book for any Gustav Stickley collector.  Very helpful in identifying Gus pieces with many details and commentary on specific pieces. 


The Early Work of Gustav Stickley

Paper back, approx. 8" by 10". 

175 pages of sketches and photos of Gustav's early furniture.  Includes the complete No. 1 Catalog from 1900, sketches from 1901 and photos from 1902.  There are also sections on Willow Furniture and Lighting, both compilations from several catalogs. 


Out of stock

Gustav Stickley After 1909

6" by 9" paperback featuring a reprint of the 1909 catalog which covered furniture, metal work, lamps, linens, and several floor plans for bungalow style homes.  The 1909 catalouge was 137 pages long and is reproduced in total.  This book also contains an additional 30 pages or so of furniture from catalogues from 1910 to 1913. 

$15.00 plus shipping 

Collected Works of Gustav Stickley

Paperback roughly 7" by 10" containing 175 pages of photographs and sketches of Gus's furniture, metal work and lamps.  This book is unique in that it contains the original prices and a section of the variety of drawer pulls, knobs, strap hinges and other hardware used on the furniture.  A good book to have when looking at pieces to determine if the hardware is original or reproduction. 

$20.00 plus shipping 

The 1912 and 1915 Gustav Stickley Craftsman Furniture Catalogs

A 6-1/2" by 9" paperback reprint of the Gustav Stickley catalogs from 1912 and 1915.  In addition to the quartersawn oak furniture, this catalog also contains photos of Gus's wicker furniture, lighting, vases, silver service and Lenox dinnerware.  Much of the dinnerware is readily found yet today, if you know what to look for. 

$11.95 plus shipping. 

Stickley Craftsman Furniture Catalogs

As the subtitle states, this is the unabridged reprint of two mission furniture catalogs: "Craftsman Furniture Made by Gustav Stickley" and "The Work of L & JG Stickley."  This is a paperback book measuring 6-1/2" by 9" with 594 illustrations including a really good section of lighting and textiles. 

$12.95 plus shipping 

The Early Work of Gustav Stickley

This paperback book, measuring 7-1/4" by 10" is a compilation of material from several sources.  These include the complete "No. 1" catalog from 1900; the earliest furniture as illustrated in "Chips from the Craftsman Workshop" and other sketches from 1`901; printed photos of furniture published by Gus in 1902, "Cabinet Work from the Craftsman Workshop (Supplement to Catalog D), 1905; and several photos of Willow furniture and lighting fixtures from several early catalogs.  175 pages in all. 


Out of Stock

Gustav Stickley the Craftsman

A 6-1/2" by 9" paperback, this book is a great resource for information about Gustav and his ideas and philosophy, how he approached furniture making and home design as opposed to a pictorial of this furniture.  A most for the serious collector of Gustav Stickley furniture or owner of a Bungalow style house. 

$9.95  plus shipping 

Gustav Stickley, Craftsman Homes

"Stickely's designs incorporate a natural, rustic and spacious look that is complete and satisfying. This wonderfully detailed book is still relevant today for those interested in this classic style."--Mountain Living 

Architectural drawings, floor plans, and photographs illustrate 40 different kinds of "Mission-style" homes from The Craftsman (1901–16), voice of American style of simplicity and organic harmony. Thorough coverage of Craftsman idea in text and picture, now collector’s item.

Paperback: 224 pages 
Publisher: Dover Publications (March 1, 1979) 


Gustav Stickley, More Craftsman Homes

Paper-back, 8-1/2" by 11". 

201 pages.  Hundreds of floor plans and illustrations for 78 Mission Style Dwelling.  Great book for ideas on how to restore an original bungalow or if you are building a new one. 


Craftsman Bungalows, 59 Homes from "The Craftsman"
  Edited by Gustav Stickley 

Paper-back, 8-1/2" by 11". 

152 pages and 193 illustrations.  Floor plans, photos and descriptions of 59 Bungalow style homes taken from the pages of Gustav's "The Craftsman" magazine. 


What is Wroght in the Craftsman Workshops

What is Wrought in The Craftsman Workshops, first published by Gustav Stickley in 1904, is a rare and important contemporary explanation of the American Arts and Crafts movement.
96 pp.


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