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Books & Catalogue Reprints

We carry numerous books relating to Arts & Crafts and Mission stlye furniture and reprints of several old catalogues.  The books listed ion this page contain general information on Arts & Crafts and Mission style furniture.  Books can be ordered by calling us toll free at 866-647-7466 (866-MISSION) or at 610-797-8640


Mission Furniture  by Paul Royka, published by Shiffer Publishing. 

$69.95 plus shipping. 
Item # : 987-3 

Hardcover book, 208 pages, 8-1/2" by 11". 

Primarily photos of mission style furniture with valuse as of 1997.  Includes a section on "Helpful Details" showing the differences between various makers, a section covering 10 companies (one section on the Stickley family), and sections covering types of furniture such as Settles, Rockers and Chairs, Footstools and Window Seats, Desks, bookcases. 

This is a great gift  book for a collector or for someone looking to learn how to tell one maker from another.

Arts & Crafts: the California Home  by Douglas Condgon Martin, published by Shiffer Publishing. 

$49.95 plus shipping. 
Item # 0629-4

Furniture of the American Arts and Crafts Movement

While this book focuses primarily on  furniture made by Gustav Stickley, L & JG Stickley and Roycroft it is an excellent primer for people who want to collect good quality Arts & Crafts or Mission antiques.  Lots of good information on how to identify pieces that may no longer be marked. 

$27.50 plus shipping 
Item # T-2

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