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NAME20.gif (1880 bytes)has several fabric pieces including pillow covers, table cloths and table runners, and napkins.  Please take a look.  Please call 610-797-8640 for details on condition and availability.  These pieces can be shipped for less than $5.00 each.  Some of these may not be in pristine condition, but show some signs of wear and spotting.  Please feel free to call for a complete and accurate description.  Our toll free number is 866-647-7466.  That's 866-MISSION.

If you are looking for new fabrics we are a distributor for William Morris Fabrics from England and Archive Edition Textiles  Click on the link to Archive Edition Textiles to see the full range of their offerings.  The William Morris fabrics are only sold by direct sales from our retail store.  Please contact me at the phone number above for further information.

Table Runner, 14" x 42".

Colors are violet around the edges with the remainder of the design in varying shades of red and pink. 

Inventory No. T-14


This is super table runner made in 1918 by A.R. per the monogram on the back side corner.  See photo. It is in great condition with only minor repairs to 4 small holes (see photo to the left).  There is a slight discoloration to one end and along one edge as seen in the photos.  It is actually more noticeable in the photos.  Otherwise the condition is near perfect.  No other spots or holes.  15" wide by 45" long

Inventory No. T28 


There are 2 of these, one smaller then the other. Would look great on a table and server.

T23 (28" long, 17" wide) $20.00
T17 (50" Long, 17" wide) $29.95

Please call us in our showroom in Coopersburg, PA at 610-797-8640
or toll free at 866-647-7466 (866 MISSION)

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