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This page contains several dining tables made by Strictly Mission in both the Mission and Prairie Style.  All tables are made to our customers specification so, if you see one you like call and place an order.  If you don't see one you like, call us with your specifications and we will work up a price.


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54" Octagonal Table

This table was made from quartersawn white oak, in a stain similar to Stickley's Centennial, and ebony.  It is 54" across and stands 30" tall.  There are four blind drawers on the four sides not over the legs.  The drawers are about 16" wide, by 14" deep and 3" high.  The "corbels" on four sides of the eight sided base are solid oak.  The base is 12" across (not including the corbels).  Each of the 8 sides are splined to the two boards next to it.   Top is removable for transporting.

The ebony band around the outside edge of the top is 4" wide.  The top is actually 13/16" thick with and additional 1/4" around the edge to give the top the appearance of being over an inch thick. 

The ebony piece in the center is removable.  The piece in the photo has 2 finger holes to aid in its removal.  These holes allow and electrical cord to run up through the base from an outlet in the floor to a lamp in the center of the table.  There is a second insert that doesn't have the finger holes for time when the lamp is not on the table.  There are three rare earth magnets embedded in the second insert to aid in its removal.

As shown with the ebony edge:   $6,250.00  (2009 price)

Without the ebony edge:  $5,500.00 (2009 price)


Oak Extension Table with 4 - 12"wide leaves  $4,250           

Some of the finish hadn't dried completely when the photo at the far right was taken.  The photo above
shows the table as finished with the leaves.  I was constrained by the size of the space in the clients
where the table sits. There was no room for a table more than 3' wide but the table could be extende
into an adjecent room for dining.  Obviously at 36" wide there won't be a lot of room for serving dishes
the plan is to use a separate serving table.

The table uses 5 part slides as it is a split base with a center leg hidden by the center split base when
closed.  The aprons on the ends and sides of the two stationary ends have a "Harvey Ellis" style arch
with interlocked through tenons.  There is a 1/4" dowel going through all three pieces from the under-
side to help keep it together.  There are no aprons on the leaves for ease of storage.

There are stretchers from the legs to the center split base. One set just under the slides and one set 6"
above the floor.  The lower stretchers are  mortised
through the legs and secured with a 5/16" pin and a key.
All of the mortise and tenon joints are pinned.

All five legs are quadralinear post construction with a solid center core.  All material is quartersawn white

Larger sizes are available at additional cost.

We just finished this uniquely sized table for a customer in Connecticut.  Closed it is 35.5" square and will be used as a card table, but then


The top appears to be 3" thick.  It consists of a 1" thick top made up of 6 boards splined together and a 2' thick apron that is flush to the edge of the top.

Walnut Wainwright's Table

This table is 84" long and 42" wide.  It was designed by Stacey Severe for whom it was built.  The legs are bolted on to give it an industrial look but with the smooth surface more appropriate to a dining table.  The legs are 3" by 4" and made using lock miter joints so there are no visible seems.  The center of the legs are solid and the stretcher between the legs on each end are mortised into the legs with a 2" long tenon.  The stretchers are then glued into the legs and bolted from each side.  In these photos the bolts are shown before they were colored to match the nut brown walnut stain.

8' Extension Trestle Table

The table shown at the right and below is 96" long by 45" wide.  As it opens the outer legs move with the two top sections and can open as much as 48" to take 4 - 12"  wide leaves.  With leaves this table will seat 12 to 14 adults. 

Variations of this design include a solid top with just two legs that can be used as either a dining table or conference table, or fewer leaves. 

As shown:  $3,500.00


Mission Extension Dining Table with Matching Sideboard

This table is 6' long when closed and opens to accept 2 - 18" wide leaves.  The quadralinear post legs move with top as it is opened to maintain the spacing at the corners (keeps the legs from getting in the way of those sitting on the sides when the table is opened).  The quadralinear post legs are 3-1/4" square with a solid center fro maximum strength.  The rails are mortised into the legs and each  mortise and tenon joint is double pegged.  Table rails are slightly arched and the top is a full 1-1/8" thick. 

Table:  $2,500.00 ($2,750.00 with inlay - not visible in these photos) 
Chairs:  $7,350 set of 10.  2 Arm Chairs and 8 side chairs.  See detailed photos of the chairs on our  New Chairs page. 

To the left is the just completed sideboard to complement the table and chairs above.  The sidebiard is the same color just looks lighter due to being photoed in the bright sun.  It is 64" long, 40" high and 22" deep.  The bottom drawer is 57" wide by 6" high and 18" deep.  The top has the same inlay pattern as the ding table.  Stickley pulls.  See additional photos below. 

Eight Leg Dining/Meeting Table

This table was designed by, and for, a senior executive and spouse of one of the largest businesses in the Lehigh Valley.  4 of these are to be used in the library of their home.  Each table is 4' wide and 5' long, with a center rectangular base that is placed well in from the edge so that the lower stretchers do not obstruct leg movement but can be nice as footrest.  The additional legs are set at a 45 degree angle to the inner legs to provide additional support and add a bit of elegance to an otherwise plain base.

The legs are 3" square with all aprons and stretchers 3" wide.  All  materials are solid quartersawn white oak with a nut brown walnut stain.  The stain is a water based stain sealed with a single coat of shellac and two coats of a water based poly.  At the request of the client all materials were low VOC.

As shown each table is $2,250.00.  Without the outer legs but with wider inner base on the ends and additional lateral support for the top each table is $1750.00.

These tables can also be made with larger tops or with a top that opens to accept leaves at additional cost.  Call us at 866-MISSION with your size requirements for a quote.


Prairie Style Dining Table

This table was designed as a drop leaf table so that it can be stored against a wall and used as a console table when not needed for dining.  Open it is 42" wide by 60" long.  The legs are 3" square quadralinear post construction with a solid core.  The top is solid quartersawn white oak (no plywood cores or veneers) just over 1-1/8" thick. With the leaf  dropped it is 21" wide.  Table seats 4 comfortably, six if you are real good friends.   $2,700.00

This table is also available with a wider base and a solid 42" wide top and 4" square legs. 

72" length to seat 6:  $3,250.00
84" length to seat 8:  $3,750.00
120" length to seat 10:  $4,250.00

Discounts are available when ordered with a set of 6 or more matching chairs.  Prices above were 2005 pricing.

For Chairs to match the style of this table see our Prairie Style page.

As one of our "Signature Pieces" this table bears our 1/2" mother of pearl insignia.

Prairie Style Extension Dining Table

Similar to the table above, this table is 72" long by 42" wide and opens with equalizer slides to take 2 - 18" wide leave.  This table was built with 4 chiars.

72" table with 4 side chairs:  $6,890.00

Additional Prairie Style pieces can be seen on our Prairie Style page

6' Breadboard End Dining Table

Solid top dining table with breadboard ends in walnut with walnut butterflies and walnut pegged joints.  Table is 72" long and 42" wide.  The legs are set close to the corners so they do not interfere with anyone's legs when sitting at either the sides or ends.  30" high. 

Corbels under the apron extend down to the middle of the leg. 

$1,850.00 with butterflies; $1,750.00 without butterflies.


The chairs in the background can be found on our  New Chairs Page.

This is another version of the a fixed top dining table at 42" wide and 72" long.  Made of solid quartersawn oak with walnut inlay.  The squares are 3/4" square and the lines are 3/8" wide.   $1,925.00

Gustav Stickley #634 Dining Table
This table measures 54" in diameter and opens to take 3 - 20" wide leaves for a full 114" length.  It is modeled on Gustav Stickley's table #634.  All five legs are a full 3-3/4" square quadralinear post construction using quartersawn white oak with solid oak cores.  The stretchers extending from the center post are fully mortised through the legs and double pegged.  The top is a full 1-18" thick quartersawn white oak  The apron is of a two piece construction (one for each half circle of the top) and extends through the legs; that is, the apron is not doweled into the sides of the legs. 

You'll find several other furniture makers offering this table at a retail price of $6,250.00 and often then discounted to $5,000.00 

Or you can buy from us direct for only $4,450.00  (2004 price)

Matching chairs also available starting at $625 for side chairs and $725 for arm chairs.  The price above includes the chair seats covered in your fabric, add $75 per chair for leather. 

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